As for the future, your job is not to foresee it, but to enable it.”

— Antoine de St. Exupery

Do you ever wonder about the future?

Like what video games your great-grandchildren will play?  Or what society might look like in the year 3000?  Or what would happen to your hometown if an artificial intelligence were elected mayor?

I sure have!  The future is fascinating, and I spend many hours learning and writing about it.

Every Wednesday, I post a short essay about the future,

explaining something I’ve learned and pondering the implications.  Many posts focus on technology, thanks to its profound effect on all of us, but I also write about the environment, energy, cities, culture, language and more.  If it interests me that week, and illuminates the world to come, you’ll read about it!

There’s also a bite-size news department called Future Bites where you can pick up sneak peeks at developing trends.

If you find the wild, wondrous world of the future as fascinating as I do, please don’t hesitate to jump into the conversation!  I’d like this to be a late-night kitchen table where we can throw around interesting ideas and plan our common future.  Welcome.