Sweden Runs Out of Garbage, Has to Import It

Imagine you’ve got an unlimited budget to create the most efficient garbage system the world has ever seen.  (Okay, maybe not the most glamorous hypothetical I’ve ever offered you.  But earth’s human population is producing 1,300,000,000 tons of solid waste every year, and it’s got to go somewhere.  Just think what a hero you’d be!)  … Continue reading

Conversation with futurist Douglas Rushkoff

Conversation with futurist Douglas Rushkoff

Last week, I skeptically dissected a book preview from futurist Douglas Rushkoff, whose forthcoming book Present Shock will tackle issues like sustainability, sufficiency and corporate dominance of the economy. The preview he wrote was quite short, and while intriguing, it brought up many more questions than it answered. Now, Co.exist (who featured the article originally) … Continue reading