Topic Guides

Have you ever looked at the little cloud of words off to the side of this blog?  Those words are tags, and the size of each tag shows how many posts there are about that topic.  I love finding these clouds on other blogs, because I can get a sense of the blog’s focus and personality in a glance.  The tag cloud is like a cross-section of the subject matter, and you can see what the author(s) returns to again and again.

All this in mind, it’s been interesting to see themes emerge from my own blog over its 15 months of publication.  I guess in a way it’s no surprise that I would like these themes, since I choose my own subject matter, but it’s still an interesting juxtaposition.  Smartphones sit next to singularity, while data crowds next to developing world.   Although these are core motifs, I tend to write about them sporadically, so I thought it’d be interesting to pull related articles together and consider them as a whole.   These topic guides will put the spotlight on one tag at a time, summarizing the topic and indexing key articles.

Here are the Topic Guides assembled so far. Click the title to see the articles.

Sustainability – How to go on living in the world as long as possible

The Singularity – How technology can change the very definition of humanity

Smartphones – How these little devices are the foundation of a whole future world

What do YOU think?

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