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Holiday Cheer

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‘Tis the season for doing things that make us warm and happy inside, whether that means giving to charity, spiking the eggnog, or lingering just a little longer beneath the mistletoe.  In that spirit, I think Cosmic Revolutions is overdue for a post on the lighter side.  Here are three quick links, all courtesy of Gizmodo, that I hope will bring you at least a little smile this December.

  • First up, your future car has a keyless driver authentication system based on… your butt?  Only in Japan would anyone even think of doing this.
  • Next, create a blockbuster action flick starring… your cat!   Add explosions, car crashes and lens flares to your smartphone video with the Action Movie FX app.  Bonus trope points if Mr. Fuzzles escapes the fireball by leaping toward the camera in slow motion.
  • And finally, for those kids who are young enough to believe in Santa, but science-minded enough to ask the tough questions, here’s a complete guide to the science of Santa Claus.

Thank you, dear readers, for joining me these past months – it’s been great having you along!  Here’s to a safe and happy season for all of you, whatever holiday you celebrate.  Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer

  1. I love one of the articles assessments. “If your 6 year old doesn’t like your explanation of wormholes, you might have a future physicist on your hands.”

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