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Two Action-Packed Sci-Fi Shorts

Normally, I tune in to Socrates’ Singularity blog for the in-depth interviews with interesting guests (and so should you!).  But while browsing his site recently, I came across something a little different I just had to share: two action-packed, animated short films.  I’m embedding them here so you can watch them.  Both of these films are post-apocalyptic, though they have very different perspectives.


Incredibly, this film was created with no budget.  Artist Jesus Orellana put it together himself in just a year, and as you can see, his technical skills are pretty remarkable.  He also has some storytelling chops, if ROSA is any indication.  It’s a self-contained story with decently choreographed action and a poignant twist (I’m tempted to say more about the plot, but I won’t – no spoilers here).  If you’re a regular on the film festival circuit, you might have already watched this.  If not, you can do so now:


Even more than Orellana’s film, Wes Ball’s work here is technically stunning.  The texture detail and character animation are out of this world, and I love those initial upward pans.  The part I like most, though, is the unique take on the post-apocalyptic landscape.  From Mad Max to The Road, we’re culturally conditioned to expect a dead, dusty wasteland after the collapse of civilization.  But if you’ve ever read Alan Weisman’s excellent The World Without Us, I think you’d agree that Ruin‘s depiction is more likely.  The natural world, assuming it wasn’t completely obliterated, would begin asserting control the very moment humans left the picture.  Our structures would slowly crumble, while plant and animal life would move into the recently vacated niches in the ecosystem.  Ruin evokes just such a world, a snapshot of the time when the relics of humanity are halfway to being swallowed.  Suffice to say, I’m very intrigued and would love to explore this in a full-length film.

Plus, there’s an explosive action sequence.  What’s not to love?  Watch:

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