Future Bites

Burritos of the Future

Cosmic Revolutions is trying out a new feature this week: a quick wrap-up of future-related news and development.  Two things have inspired me to do this.  One, I only have time to do one in-depth article a week, so due to information overload I end up with a ton of stories and news bits that I never get to write about.  Two is that you, cherished reader, might occasionally feel like catching up on the state of the future without reading a 500 word analysis.  I think this will help us both.  Every Monday, I’ll choose one or two futuristic tidbits from my news collection that I haven’t used, but are just too good to pass up.  I’ll add bite-size summaries, plus links to somewhere else if you want to learn more.  Enjoy!

To start us off, I bring you the very latest in robotic technology.  From good.is: Burrito-bot, the 3D Tex-Mex Printer.

I don’t know, I put together a pretty mean burrito, so this machine would have to be pretty skilled to have a place in my kitchen.  But I give the guy props for taking the emerging technology of 3D printing and pushing its boundaries to somewhere I’d never have thought of.  Read more here.

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