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Professor Goes Cyborg, Links Up With Computer

Kevin's face painted on a wall

Kevin Warwick (courtesy T Ehrmann)

Ever wanted to have cybernetic control over a computer, or communicate telepathically with others?  Well, check out the following video of cybernetics professor Kevin Warwick and his “cyber” implant.  The implant connects to nerves in his arm, allowing his brain to directly send and receive external signals.  In the video he does so not only with a computer, but also with his wife!



To be sure, this technology is still very rudimentary.  But as I noted in “5 Reasons to Plug Your Brain Into a Computer” we’re only just getting started, and the sky’s the limit.


A big thanks to reader Andon Miguel Olea Zebal, for posting this video in the article’s comments section.  I’m bringing it to the front page now to make sure you all didn’t miss it!


Would you ever get a cyber implant of your own?  What would you do with it?  Speak up in the comments section, and use the sharing buttons to ask your friends!


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