Topic Guide: Sustainability

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This week, let’s look at one of the biggest tags at Cosmic Revolutions: Sustainability.

Green Sunny Leaf

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Sustainability is all about whether we humans survive as a civilization, and how well.  Earth’s resources are finite, meaning the our growth potential is also limited.  So it is crucial that we manage our limited resources wisely.  Running out of oil, water or land would have major ramifications for our  survival, or at least disrupt our way of life severely.  Here are some of the ways we’ve explored the critical issue of sustainability here on the blog, from innovative power sources to powerful philosophies.

Welcome to the Urban Planet

This post explores two of the most important trends in the future of human society.  One, the world’s population is moving into cities (which might be good for sustainability).  Two, the population is expanding rapidly (which is probably bad for sustainability).  Check out the link to explore the implications and interactions of both earth-shaking trends.

The Power Plant of the Future is You

Getting power from renewable sources is one of the most important tasks in building a sustainable civilization.  This post explores the idea that we can harvest energy from lots of mundane sources around us, from the windows in our offices to the gyms we work out in.

Hacking Civilization

If we just advance blindly into the future, without planning, we could be heading for civilizational collapse and not even know it.  This post explores one thinker’s proposal of “hackstability” – keeping our civilization propped up through a series of ad-hoc fixes to existing systems.  A unique and flexible concept, with many dizzying implications.

Future Meat, Minus the Animals

The food we choose to eat has an enormous effect on the resources we need.  Raising animals for food may result in tasty burgers and fried chicken, but in terms of water, land and oil it is extremely expensive.  If there was a way to make meat without raising an animal – such as the lab-grown meat I discuss in this post – we might get the flavor we crave, without the disappointing aftertaste of wasted resources.

Sustainable Seafood Scales Up

Contrary to the popular saying, there’s a finite number of fish in the sea, and many species are at risk of extinction due to overfishing.  Read how a corporate grocery store chain is doing its part to make a difference on a large scale.

Bicycles are the Future of Transportation

The gas that powers your car is a) causing climate change and b) going to run out one day.  Bicycles are a much more sustainable way to get around, and it’s not just because of their fuel source!

10 Ways for the World to End

This is what happens if we don’t live sustainably.  Here’s a list of thoughtful (and fun!) worst-case scenarios to ponder.

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