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Biometric ATMs Debut in Japan

A hand with fingers spread and index finger pressed

courtesy D. Bleasdale

Welcome to Future Bites, the quick-updates department of Cosmic Revolutions.  This week, we have biometric ID systems being deployed  – futuristic hand-scanners, to be precise.   Regular readers will remember I wrote (here) about the promise of biometric scanners.  They can reduce friction in our everyday lives, making basic transactions as effortless and secure as possible.  In this case, customers of Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank in Japan will no longer need a plastic card to make ATM withdrawals.  Forget the real wallet, and skip right over the virtual wallet – all you need is your hand.

Here’s the write-up:

The new system, which the bank is publicizing with the tagline “You are the cash card”, will be introduced at 10 OKB banks, including several in one of the country’s biggest cities, Nagoya.

That’s it for this week.  Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to tune in Wednesdays for your regular Cosmic Revolutions post!

One thought on “Biometric ATMs Debut in Japan

  1. I heard about a car company (also in Japan) that wanted to have a biometric seat to start one’s car. Seems a strong incentive to eat better if you car won’t start after that cheeseburger!

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