Future Bites

Translation Goggles, Virtual Dressing Rooms

This is Future Bites, your weekly update on the future, now in bite-size format.  Check back on Wednesday for your usual Cosmic Revolutions essay.

This week, the digital world continues to seep into the real one, with two novel applications of augmented reality.  First up, via Singularity Hub, a prototype translator that works in near real time.   The actual translation is from Bing’s translation engine.  But the great part is the way this inventor rigged up a pair of Vuzix eyewear (one of those futuristic gadgets you can buy right now) with a Raspberry Pi (a sort of flexible mini computer) and a tablet to display the translations in your visual field, just a few seconds after the words are spoken.

Augmented reality is creeping into the dressing room, too.  There are now dressing rooms that can scan your body and suggest the best-fitting brands, and there’s also software that lets you “try on” things over the internet, by combining photos of yourself and the product.  This article dishes the details, plus an even more intriguing suggestion: Kinect technology might even bring a virtual dressing room right into your home.

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