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My Interview for iCoolhunt

iCoolhunt is a social, location-based game that encourages people to seek out blossoming trends around them.  These “coolhunters” can then capture, share, analyze and discuss their discoveries on the website.  It’s certainly a novel way to think about the future.  I especially like the way it creates a community focused on discovering – or even creating – the culture of tomorrow.

So when Simone Smith asked if she could feature me in an interview on the site, I was delighted.  And that interview has just gone live on their website!  Since I’m on vacation in Maine with limited internet and even less time to write (see photo below), I’m sharing the interview with you now in lieu of my regular post.

The questions are fun and very thoughtful, and my answers hit on digital space, climate change, the connection between micro- and macro- trends, and more.  Best of all, I think this will give you, cherished reader, some insight into my motivations and process!  Click here to read the interview, and be sure to check out the rest of iCoolhunt while you’re over there.

View from the dock at our vacation house, Mt Desert Island, Maine

2 thoughts on “My Interview for iCoolhunt

  1. Great interview with you! (also great that they spotted you as a trend-setter among trend spotters!) My favorite of your responses is the suggestion to keep our eyes and ears open. Probably because I share that perspective. Also a reminder of the importance of keeping our minds open too. Fewer barriers in our own minds as we observe, the more we can actually see. I recently learned about the importance of seeing with “soft eyes” — a fundamental of perception that helps multiple and alternative patterns to emerge from the same image or data set. Takes some practice to notice how our perceptions are enlarged and varied when we practice seeing with “soft eyes.” A zen practice, too. And a way I am increasingly practicing as I walk through my experiences.

    Great to share some of that time in Maine with you and others in our group!

    • How wonderful, to roll back our habitual perspectives and see things the way you describe. It requires a lot of focus but will serve you well no matter where you are!

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