A Futuristic Christmas List

Ah, Christmas lists:  the classic childhood tradition of filling a page with all the cool toys you don’t have, then mailing it off to a rotund stranger in a distant land.  Well, wishlists aren’t just for kids – here’s one that will satisfy future enthusiasts of any age.  Send it to your clueless aunt who doesn’t know what to get you, or use it as a guide when shopping for your friends (or for your favorite bloggers – hint hint).

Gift with a bow

courtesy J Sawyer

1. Arduino board.  This is a flexible, open-source electronics platform you can use to create interactive devices.  It can send instructions to, and receive signals from, sensors, motors, and computers, allowing any hobbyist to blur the border between the digital world and the physical.

2. Electric hybrid bicycle.  In an urbanizing world with increasing population density, bicycles are a hugely important transportation solution.  Now you can get one with hybrid power!  Charge the battery through normal pedaling, then tap the electric motor for those tough hills or long commutes.

Evolution, Dissolving

3. Singularity T-Shirt.  Show your loyalty to the coming post-human AI-enlightened oligarchy.  Early supporters get a coupon for 50% off your next cyber implant!

4. Sun Table.  It’s a personal solar panel that soaks up the sun’s energy and transfers it easily to your laptop or blender.  Also, you can put things on it.

Cover of The Information

5. The Information.  A book by science writer James Gleick.  It traces the emergence of the information age, from its roots in the telegraph all the way through the internet and the information overload we deal with today.  The most exciting part, of course, is exploring the new way of life that’s emerging from our unique, information-based society.

6. 3D Printer.  It’s like a sci-fi replication machine – any object you can scan or design can be printed out in plastic, limited only by your imagination.  Welcome the new industrial revolution into your living room today!

Intricate brass gears

7. Steampunk iPhone case.  If you prefer your future tech with a dash of old-fashioned sensibility, this elegant smartphone case should do the trick.

8. Fitness Tracker.  Forget counting calories, timing your cardio, or tracking sleep cycles.  Just pick up this wireless device that does it all for you,  and sends the results right to your smartphone.  You can also track your progress via web.  It’s time to put “big data” to work for you on a personal level!

Dress with light trails

9. Electronic Dress.  This slinky offering from Cute Circuit features electronics wired right into the fabric.  Programmable LEDs let you set whatever sparkle, color or pattern you like.  Just be sure to charge it up before you head out for the night!

So that’s all I could come up with.  Are any of these on your list?  Did I miss anything great?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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