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Google Glasses Sighting – NYC

The last time I wrote about Google’s Project Glass, I called it inspiring but probably more hype than commercial product.  Well, the awesome-in-concept augmented reality glasses might be coming to a store near you sooner than I guessed.  At least, if we can trust this first-hand account from a writer at the Gothamist (h/t Greg for the tip).  Apparently, he spotted a pair of Google Glasses in some bar in the East Village of New York City, and the person wearing them claimed to be testing a prototype.

close up of woman wearing google glasses

courtesy A Zugaldia

I suspect that if Google is sending ladies wearing the glasses of the future into saloons on Friday nights, they’re more interested in testing public reaction than testing the product itself.  Or maybe they’re  just trying to build more hype.  Either way, it’s a sign that they’re moving closer to a product launch, and I’m finding it harder to be skeptical these days.

What do you think?  Is this all an empty media campaign, or are we going to be pre-ordering these things by July?

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