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I’m Live on Urban Times!

the word "share"

image: Carlos Maya

The Urban Times calls itself an “optimistic, forward-thinking online magazine” and they’ve just published my first article!  I put in the same extensive research, careful crafting and loving care that I put into articles here at Cosmic Revolutions, so I hope you’ll click below and check it out:

Sharing Is the Economy of the Future

It’s a positive piece about the powerful effects of sharing things, which is a trend that’s growing rapidly (see shareable.net to catch up on the latest).  The Urban Times is a great venue to talk about these sorts of issues, and this is just the first of many contributions I intend to make.

Please read it, share it with your networks, and leave a comment if you’re so inclined!

Thanks for reading, and don’t worry – Cosmic Revolutions is still my main focus, and you’ll still get the thoughtful, future-focused articles and news updates you’ve come to expect.  More to come soon!

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