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Don’t Mind the Gap

Those of you who follow my writing here at Cosmic Revolutions know I don’t take breaks very often.  Since I started my weekly Wednesday schedule for posting columns, I haven’t missed a single one (although I do occasionally go for the low hanging fruit when I’m crunched for time).  As much as I hate to break a good streak, nothing can run perpetually without maintenance, and this blog is no exception.  So Cosmic Revolutions will be taking a short hiatus while I retool and regroup.  I may still post news items over the next few weeks (the future never rests!), but the regular column will be re-runs for a little while.

courtesy R Summers

courtesy R Summers

So, what do you get in exchange for your patience during this gap?  All kinds of stuff!  Here’s a list of what I’ll be working on while on “break”:

  • Interviews.  I’ll be reaching out to various thinkers and futurists to capture interesting angles on the future, in their own words.
  • Guest posts.  I’d also like to bring you some original content from other writers, so I’ll be soliciting and editing guest posts during this time.
  • Organizing.  Last week, I offered a roundup of sustainability articles on the site.  I’d like to start archiving and documenting other tags, too, for one-stop shopping on a variety of topics.
  • Brand-building.  I’ve recently joined the online magazine The Urban Times as an author, and I’ll be pitching and drafting an article or two for them.  Hopefully my particular brand of forward-thinking turns out to be valuable to their readers.  I also hope I can use it as a vehicle to build awareness of my other work (ie, this here blog that you’re reading).

Thank you, dear reader, for hanging out and thinking through the future with me.  I hope you’ll keep checking in with the site, and I hope you’re looking forward to what’s coming next.  Oh yeah, and go check out the Urban Times if you haven’t already – they do good stuff.

See you in a few,


PS – In lieu of this week’s column, please enjoy this pile of sleeping puppies:

Pile of sleeping puppies

courtesy morgue file



3 thoughts on “Don’t Mind the Gap

  1. You’re an author for Urban Times! Yay!

    Rebecca Voices of Harmony Community Building through Music and Cross-Cultural Dialogue


  2. Periodic refreshment of imagination and perspective are important so I am applaud your decision to create an intentional breather. Looking forward to rereading some of your earlier posts and experiencing the thoughts of additional voices in this space during the gap. Cheers!

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